Transform Your Space with Purposeful Lighting


Good lighting is crucial for creating a lovely home, just like picking the right furniture and colors. Highlight your fancy furniture, special architectural features, and lively colors with good lighting. It not only makes your home look better but also boosts your mood and helps you do important things. Consider hiring an expert to make your lighting design top-notch for a luxurious lifestyle at home.


For homeowners in Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna, Vancouver, and Lower Mainland area who have historically relied on electrical engineers and interior designers to handle their lighting needs, hiring an independent lighting designer could seem like a strange choice. However, lighting becomes an afterthought in your home when you delegate it to others. An expert in technical, scientific, and artistic domains, a lighting designer provides customized solutions for their clientele.

  • By continuous training, experts on the newest cutting-edge lighting technologies
  • Sophisticated methods convert intangible light into dynamic architecture designs
  • Specialized instruction in electrical, physics, optics, codes, and environmental impact
  • Equipment prices are decreased by cooperation with manufacturers and competitive bids.
  • The first cost analysis describes lighting strategies that save labor and equipment expenses.
  • Innovative designs tailored to your home and lifestyle needs are created by detail-oriented experts.



A one-tone lighting scheme puts you at risk for strained eyesight, intrusive shadows, and inflexible spaces. Throughout the day, circadian lighting maintains your sense of equilibrium by adjusting to your schedule! Use job, ambient, and accent lighting to create a visually pleasing and adaptable area.

Ambient Light

Soft lighting from pendants, recessed ceiling lights, or natural sunshine should fill the entire space.

Task Lighting

Dedicated desk, under-cabinet, or pendant lights provide intense, focused illumination for particular tasks.

Accent Lighting

Use lighting that is three times brighter than ambient fixtures to draw attention to architectural details, photographs, and artwork.

Maintain your weekday routine with a "Daytime" lighting scenario that turns on every day at nine in the morning. Bright white-blue ambient lighting and desk lighting welcome you to your home office, encouraging maximum attention and concentration.

Prepare for rejuvenating sleep at the end of the day with a "Bedtime" lighting setting that you may turn on with a tablet or bedside remote. The lights not only progressively go darker, but they also change to a soothing orange color that promotes relaxation.

Enjoy a stylish evening by turning on the "Party" lighting scenario, which turns on the lights in the living room and kitchen to a cheerful white-blue color that will keep your visitors entertained all night long. To entice visitors to your lovely outside areas, add landscape lights to the atmosphere.

Use your handheld remote or touchpad to program a "Movie Night" lighting scenario that will switch on floor track lighting for safe movement throughout the film and lower the recessed lights and beautiful sconces to create the ideal viewing environment in your theater.


The key to realizing the full potential of your lighting design is effortless control. With a lighting control system, you can effortlessly adjust the various fixtures in your house to create lovely layering while keeping everything seeming consistent. Benefit from a centralized approach to lighting, which not only produces a streamlined installation for a lovely, clutter-free area but also intuitive, customized control from your preferred devices.

interfaces Processor Dimmer Panel Smart Dimmers / Switches


Fancy lighting systems come with customizable interfaces. You can use mobile apps or special touchpads to control them. Simple graphic panels show the current status of each room's lights and let you make changes easily with just one button. You can adjust the brightness, color, and temperature of each light separately or all together. After setting up your preferred configurations, you can save them and easily switch to them whenever you want.


The brain of your lighting control system is its processor, responsible for connecting light fixtures and control devices. A strong CPU ensures smooth and clear communication. Good communication means you get quick and accurate responses when you give a command, no matter where it comes from. Our lighting experts choose the right model for your needs early on by looking at its bandwidth and processing power.


A high-quality dimming panel system stands out because it has a central control panel for adjusting lights. These remote panels, which are kept hidden, are installed in a utility closet or equipment room. They take care of all the dimming and control tasks. These panels can manage fans and motors, eliminating the necessity for extra power boosters. Additionally, they reduce the amount of wiring needed, declutter individual room walls, and allow for more advanced programming options..


Opt for smart dimmers and switches that come with advanced features and easy-to-use commands to reduce the clutter on your walls. Instead of having multiple switches and dimmers, you can use these stylish keypads to simplify your home decor. These keypads not only enhance your convenience by providing quick access to different lighting scenes but also allow you to control lights throughout your home. They combine switch and dimmer controls in a single unit, making it more efficient. Explore models with flush-mounted options in various colors, and finishes like matte, metal, or glass to match any decor.

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