You have an option when it comes to upgrading the AV equipment at your residence: should you hire an AV consulting company to design a system that will be put out to bid, or should you go the design-bid route? Or do you use the design-build method and go straight to a knowledgeable AV integration company?

Unified Automation is an expert in complete Design-Build AV integration, enabling us to provide our clients with the following advantages:

As a project owner in area of automation services, it is imperative to furnish comprehensive input on engineering and design specifications. When deviations occur, accountability becomes a question. Our design-build expertise positions us in the front proficiently resolving issues and accumulating valuable insights throughout the automation journey.

In typical design-bid scenarios, clients often find themselves paying for duplicate drawings and specifications from both the integrator and the designer, resulting in a perceived inefficiency and financial burden. At Unified Automation, we eliminate such concerns. Our streamlined approach ensures clients do not encounter unnecessary duplication of costs, saving both their time and money.

We ensure a well-coordinated approach to our residential automation services that goes beyond expectations. Our balanced array of principles and processes aimed at efficiently overseeing design and construction projects reduces the chances of errors. But at any chance, if there is a support required, a dedicated support team at Unified Automation responds within no time and makes sure that we address the issue in a timely manner. Unified Also provides various service packages which provide tech support available 24 hours.

Unified Automation brings efficiency to projects through improved communication between the contractor, subcontractors, and the owner. This leads to quicker project completion, better collaboration, and cost savings. Our Design Build approach is ideal for any sized or complex project, ensuring the best and fastest results.


For businesses and residents in Canada, Unified Automation offers specialized audio-visual technology solutions for automation.

Our creative integrators of audio-visual systems offer professional end-to-end audio-visual services for automation in offices, stores, works etc. that surpass the expectations of each client and precisely match their needs.

This meeting is an introduction between the client and unified automation, it gives us a chance to hear our clients vision and what they are interested in and use day to day for us to design a custom solution for them, our team makes recommendations and brainstorms with the client for their personalized system.

Our second meeting allows us to review the initial proposal and design created by unified automation, at this point we provide multiple options for specific parts of the project, explaining the pros and cons of the options our goal is to provide our client with maximum value within their budget. Our proposals and designs normally go through 1 or 2 revisions before the system is finalized.

Once the client has approved their build, they are assigned a project manager which is with them through the entire process until the job is fully completed. The communication between the project manager and the client is key especially on the design build where thigs change every week. We ensure that they are aware of what is going on at any stage of the project.

Upon the projects completion our project manager will do a full walkthrough of the build and provide a full tutorial on the system along with a handover sheet which has all the credentials and information regarding warranty coverages and product information.

We aim to offer the best custom residential automation solutions to our clients in Canada. We take a deep analysis of customers' requirements and research to design the best and most practical solution to achieve our client's goals. Our commitment doesn't stop when the project is done. Our post-completion maintenance ensures that your project investment goes a long way by keep the equipment up to date and software and offering an uninterrupted support service.

Contact us today if you have any queries or if you have a project in mind involving our residential and commercial AV integration services. We would be pleased to assist you. We appreciate your consideration of Unified Automation.


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